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What conditions may require Cosmetic Eye treatment?

Droopy Eye
Sunken Eye
Dark Circle
Hooded Eye
Under Eye Bag
Deformed Eye
Droopy Brow
Lost Eye
Bulgy Eyes

Problem is, energetic or not, enthusiastic or not, you’ll always ‘look’ exhausted because of your eyes. Drooping of upper eyelid, making the involved eye appear smaller is Ptosis.
Sunken or Hollow Eye, deepen and darken the skin below eyes, resulting in our eyes looking heavy, exhausted and hollow.
From our irregular sleeping habits to unhealthy lifestyles, we invite dark circles with arms wide open. They make us appear tired and sad, even when we are not.
Don’t confuse this with droopy eyes. Droopy eyelids can make it effortful for someone to keep their eyes open for long, whereas Hooded Eye are normal hereditary trait. But usually treated for aesthetic purposes.
Under Eye Bag is mild puffiness under the eyes. The tissues under your eyes sometimes weaken due to age causing the lids to appear puffy and giving a saggy feel.
Losing an eye to an injury or a disease can be traumatizing. But prosthetic eyes help you recreate your look and rediscover yourself in the process.
Eyebrow droops with age, especially the outer corner droops more than the inner, making us look sad, along with excess skin hanging over the eyelid. Just lift the drooping brow with your finger and See the Difference.
Losing an eye to an injury or a disease can be traumatizing. But prosthetic eyes help you recreate your look and rediscover yourself in the process.
Bulgy Eye or Big Eye, as we’re usually called, may be due to various medical reasons. It can create problems when the eye touches the glasses we wear, cause dry eyes due to increased exposure to eyeball or just be cosmetically embarrassing.


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What Oculoplasty can do for you?

Oculoplasty is not a facade but a fact.

Oculoplasty is perceived as the art and science that helps improve the function, comfort and aesthetic appearance of the eye. Oculoplastic procedures involve both medically necessary procedures and cosmetic procedures. The surgeries are carried out by specially trained surgeons and are often highly customised, based on the condition.

Here are some common conditions that are treated under the speciality of Oculoplasty.

This is drooping of the upper eyelid, sometimes blocking vision. This droop can be just a little or it may even cover the pupil. This condition may occur in both adults and children and can be effectively treated with medication and surgery or a combination of both, and to be undertaken only by a qualified surgeon.
These are conditions that affect our eyelids. Entropion is when the eyelid turns inward, rubbing against the cornea and Ectropion is when the eyelid turns outward. Both these conditions may cause tearing, discharge, corneal damage and impaired vision.
Thyroid problems may affect the eyes as well. Thyroid eye disease causes vision-related problems like double vision, watering or redness. Cosmetically, it causes problems such as staring appearance, squinting and puffiness of the eye. These conditions can be effectively dealt with by a trained Oculoplastic surgeon.
Various types of orbital tumors that obstruct perfect vision may occur in the orbit of the eye. These can be treated to restore both the functional and aesthetic aspects of the eyes
Hollow under eyes, wrinkles around the eyes, baggy eyelids, frown lines and forehead lines can be treated with a variety of Oculoplastic treatments such as Blepharoplasty and Botox, depending on the condition.
Congenital deformities and traumatic injuries to the eye may sometimes result in the loss of an eye. In such situations, an artificial eye prosthesis is used.
Eyelid Ptosis
Entropion and Ectropion
Thyroid Eye Disease
Eye Tumors
Cosmetic Conditions
Accidents and Injuries


Can these be treated?

Yes, Oculoplasty is how you treat ‘em. The below treatments are how you’re going to achieve your new look.

Facial Deformity Correction
Botox Treatment
Eye Tumor Treatment
Dermal Fillers
Facial Palsy Treatment
Orbital Decompression
Artificial Eyes
Face Fracture Repair Treatment

A surgical procedure to treat tired, hooded, baggy or drooping eyelids. Excess tissue from upper or lower eyelids is removed resulting in improved vision as well as the aesthetic appearance of eyes. Brow lift is a procedure that is often undertaken with blepharoplasty.
Damage in nerves can prevent proper working of facial muscles, resulting in deformities. Sometimes, loss of tissue during surgery or trauma can also cause a deformity. All of these can be treated.
An outpatient procedure and involves injecting Botulinum toxin into the area around the eyes. It is performed with very fine needles post application of aesthetic cream around the eyes. It is mostly a one-time procedure or can be done over several sittings based on necessity.
Depending on the tumor and its spot, eye tumors can be managed with major treatments like surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
Facial volume is restored by injecting dermal fillers. It is often injected into the depressions below the eyes, around the lips, forehead and into thin lips. These injections are mostly painless and treated as an outpatient procedure using very fine needles.
This can happen at any age. The exact cause will not be known - though most believe that a swelling in the nerve that controls face muscles or viral infection causes this. In most cases, the condition is not permanent and an Ophthalmologist’s advice has to be sought to prevent possible corneal complications.
Enabling eye sockets to expand, allowing eyeballs to settle back, in order to restore aesthetic and functional ability of the eyes is Orbital decompression. This is a major surgery and should be undertaken only by experienced surgeons.
An injury or a disease can result in losing an eye. This is where prosthetic eyes help you recreate the way you look and the way you’re looked at.
It’s unfortunate but yes, face fractures happen. Good news is that surgeries can reset broken bones or reposition fractured ones and give us the expected results. Even complex fractures with multiple broken bones can be bettered with reconstructive surgery.
Facial Deformity Correction
Botox Treatment
Eye Tumor Treatment
Dermal Fillers
Facial Palsy Treatment
Orbital Decompression
Artificial Eyes
Face Fracture Repair Treatment

What Oculoplasty has done for many!


Hear from the Experienced!

I express my heartfelt thanks to Dr. Priti Udhay for being kind during my treatment of eye ailments. I feel better about the spasmodic ailment on the left side of my face due to the Oculoplasty treatment performed by Dr. Priti. I’m also thankful to Ms. Santhoshini for her kind help.



I was suffering from drooping eyelids for the past 5 years. With no idea that it was an eye-related problem, I approached beauty clinics and followed their every instruction. But I think I wasted money and did not achieve any desirable results. But after seeing your advertisement, I called the hospital and they guided me to Dr. Priti Udhay madam. She quickly diagnosed my condition called Ptosis and on the very second day, she gave me an appointment for surgery. And after complete diagnosis, my Ptosis surgery was completed. I am very thankful to Dr. Priti madam for bringing my confidence back.



I’m totally happy with Dr. Priti Udhay and her secretary Ms. Santhoshini for being very caring. Also, thank you to the first-floor staff members.



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• Being at the forefront of every medical advancement in eye care for 60+ years, Dr Agarwals group of Eye Hospitals lead the industry with the most experienced set of surgeons

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• An Ophthalmological legend for decades, the narrow niche is what makes the treatment and care better than what only cosmeticians can offer

• Dr Agarwals Ophthalmologists are the doctors who’ll perform your cosmetic surgeries with precision, and more importantly, Dr Agarwals offers full face fillers, micro insertion surgeries, advanced sutures and radio frequency treatments

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Frequently Asked Questions
Dermal Fillers

Are you a good candidate for a Cosmetic Oculoplastic procedure?

Cosmetic procedures are often undertaken for patients above 18 years of age and in good medical health. This fitness will be decided by the doctor after a thorough evaluation. If you’re in good health, then you’re good to go.

Do Oculoplasty treatments require admission to the hospital?

While the duration of stay depends on the procedure, most of the procedures do not require an overnight stay. Several treatments can be provided on the day of the consultation itself. Some outpatient procedures may require more than one sitting.

Is it safe?

These procedures are generally very safe. To make your procedures as safe as possible, we at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital use advanced techniques and expert surgeons. Complications may involve allergic reactions, infections and under or over-correction. Most complications are temporary.

How long does it take to recover after Oculoplastic surgery?

The recovery period depends on the type and duration of surgery. There could be some eyelid swelling and bruising after the surgery, depending on the type. Your surgeon will explain the length of the recovery. There might also be a post-operative restriction on activities.

How will you look after Blepharoplasty surgery?

After Blepharoplasty surgery, an aesthetically appealing and beautiful eye that will look like your youthful appearance is achieved.

How is anaesthesia administered during the surgery?

Most surgeries are performed by numbing the area with small injections. Sometimes some medication may be given through an injection in the hand (sedation) to make you more comfortable.

How long is the recovery time?

You will be reviewed one week after surgery for stitch removal, and then after one month. Swelling and bruising is a part of the surgery and will generally resolve in 2 weeks but it is advisable to give yourself a month before getting involved in any major events.

Can I hit the gym after surgery?

You will not be allowed to do rigorous gym for 2 weeks or swim for a month post-surgery.

Can I put on make-up after surgery?

No eye make-up for 2 weeks after surgery.

Will there be a visible scar?

No, there won’t be a visible scar.

Why are dermal fillers injected?

Dermal fillers are injections that are administered to restore facial volume.

Is it reversible?

Yes, it is reversible. So if you don’t like it, an enzyme injection can dissolve the gel.

Is the treatment safe?

Hyaluronic acid fillers are FDA approved and very safe. Hyaluronic acid is normally present in the joints in the body.

How long does the treatment last?

The treatment lasts for about 15-20 months. There are different products available. Get a consultation with our doctor to know which product is suitable for you.

How many sessions are needed?

Usually, one session is enough. Sometimes a second touch-up session might be needed.

Will there be a visible scar?

No, there won’t be a visible scar.
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