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Dr. Deepti Thacoor

Head - Clinical Services, Ebene


  • General Ophthalmology

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Ebene, Mauritius

9AM - 5PM

Language Spoken

English, French, Creole

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Dr. Reshvin Matoo
Consultant Ophthalmologist, Ebene
  • General Ophthalmology


Where does Dr. Deepti Thacoor practice?

Dr. Deepti Thacoor is a consultant ophthalmologist who practices at Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital in Ebene, Mauritius.
If you have any eye-related problems, you can schedule your appointment with Dr. Deepti Thacoor through book an appointment or call 230-4686244 .
Dr. Deepti Thacoor has qualified for .
Dr. Deepti Thacoor specialises in
  • General Ophthalmology
. To get effective treatment for eye-related problems, visit Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals.
Dr. Deepti Thacoor holds an experience of .
Dr. Deepti Thacoor serves their patients from 9AM - 5PM.
To know the consultation fee of Dr. Deepti Thacoor, call 230-4686244 .