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  • Surgical Innovations Workshop

Surgical Innovations Workshop

Dr. Agarwals surgical innovation workshop is a 2-day experiential learning workshop for ophthalmologists on surgical techniques pioneered by the experienced surgeons at Dr. Agarwals eye hospitals.


The two-day workshop will involve:

  • Detailed study of surgical techniques with case discussions led by speciality experts
  • Live observation of surgeries performed by experienced surgeons
  • Wet labs for hands-on practice of surgical techniques


Participants can choose to get trained in any one of the procedures:

  • PDEK ( Pre Descemet’s endothelial keratoplasty)
    • Basic 
    • Advanced
  • Glued IOL (Glued intra ocular lens)
  • Glued IOL + SFT

Program Fee:  INR 50,000 per surgical procedure


Program structure:

Day 1

  • Detailed theory-based instruction on the basics of the procedure.
  • OPD with the consultants, getting a first-hand view of the decision-making process for variety of cases. Treatment protocols will be explained, and all doubts will be cleared.
  • Wet lab session for the chosen procedure under the guidance of the consultant.


Day 2

  • Posting in the OT to observe the live procedure & assist.
  • Interaction with the experts to clarify any doubts and get updates on advancements in the field.


Participants will also be provided:

  • A hard copy of the book outlining the chosen procedure.
  • CD with video of the surgical procedure and pictures for guidance
  • A communication platform (WhatsApp/ Facebook) that will remain active even post completion of the program.


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