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Job Description
Roles & Responsibilities:
• Checking of refractive power by Auto Refractometer.
• Checking the intraocular pressure by Tonometer.
• Taking Patient History.
• Checking Subjective Refraction and Retinoscopy.
• Checking color blindness.
• Checking EOM (Extra Ocular Movements and Pupil Reaction)
• Contact Lens fitting and dispensing.
• Cataract Investigation:
A - Scan, B - Scan, IOL Master, Keratometry, Syringing and Specular Microscopy.
• Glaucoma Investigation:
Autoperimetry, OCT
• Orthoptics Investigation:
Squint Workup, Synaptophore, Hess-Charting, Diplopia Charting and Retinoscopy.
• Posterior Segment Evaluation:
Fundus Fluorecin Angiography, Posterior Optical Coherence Tomography, B – Scan, Pachymetry.
• Cornea Evaluation:
Zyoptix Workup, Aberropia Workup, Orbscan, Aberrometry and Anterior Segment OCT, Contrast Sensitivity, W4DT (Worth 4 Dot Test), Schirmer test for Dry Eye.
• Handing over the case sheets to next department.

OT Assistant

Guntur, Nellore
Job Description
Roles & Responsibilities:
• Maintaining the sterilization of Operation Theater.
• Sterilization of the instruments.
• Assisting Doctors for surgery and various procedures performed in Operation Theatre.
• Pre and Post Operative Care of Patients.
• Maintaining the stock of IOL, OT Consumables, etc.,
• Checking the expiry of drugs used in Operation Theater periodically.
• Sending short expiry IOL and Medicines to Main Stores.
• Maintaining the Operation Theatre Registers. (IOL Register, OT Consumables, Material Inward Register, Surgery Register, Sterilization Register, etc.,)
• Maintaining Sterilization Report.

Corporate Relations



Job Description
Roles & Responsibilities:
• Responsible for Doctor referral marketing.
• Building a strong doctor network.
• Meet doctors on a daily basis in the assigned territory.
• To Conduct Awareness Program for General Public in the Doctor Hospital/Clinic on Various eye Awareness day.
To Conduct Camps for Hospital / Doctor Clinic / Chemists Association & General Public.
• To Audit the Referral kit has been delivered to the Referee.
• Focus on increasing the walkins and patient footfalls in the hospital.

Pharmacy Manager

Chennai Corporate
Job Description
Roles & Responsibilities:
• To conduct camps / promotional activities / park activities in order to bring about a sense of existence on Dr. Agarwal within the assigned territory
• Focus on lead generation activities in the assigned territory.
• To do regular fieldwork to understand and develop sound marketing plan.
• Detailed report of the activity should be submitted to the management.

SR. Manager Business Development

Ahmedabad, Indore, Jaipur
Job Description
Roles & Responsibilities:
• Ensure smooth functioning of all healthcare operations in the assigned hospital.
• Responsible for day to day operations of the branch focusing on customer service, quality, people management and process adherence.
• Handling the revenue of the hospital.
• Ensure smooth functioning of the assigned branch.
• Tracking branch performance.
• Focus on patient satisfaction and quality.
• Credit billing status to be monitored. Pending AL’s to submission of bills.
• Checking of Counsellors reports daily for Advise Vs Converted / Counselled.
• Conducting Weekly and Monthly reviews with Counselors, Floor managers and PCA.
• Report to be submitted to Management.
• Giving On Job training to Counselors, Patient care associates.
• Random Counseling.
• Random Patient Calls (Post OP Patients, General Patients, Emergency Cases)
• Interaction with Doctors about Targets, High Value Cases & Procedures.
• Co-ordination with Surgeons.
• Attending to patient Complaints of your zone & speaking to them personally.
• Prepare monthly tour plan and submit for approval.
• Daily and monthly report with summary of area with explanation.
• Define and drive Standard Operating Procedures for service excellence.

SR. Manager International Business

Job Description
Roles & Responsibilities:
• Keep the Lab area sterile as per HIC Policy.
• Observe the culture report and inform the concerned doctor.
• According to the doctor /counselor advice, blood test, Urine Test and Swab Test to be done.
• Cost estimate will be informed to the patient and ask them to pay the amount in billing section.
(In reception)
• After receiving the payment receipt, the necessary test will be done.
• Explaining the waiting time to the patients.
• Attaching the report in case sheet and copy of the same to be given to the patient.
• Preparing the stock details (Lab Consumables) and raising the indent based on requirements.
• Monthly investigation report preparation.
• Maintaining Critical Value Register and informing the concerned doctor when a patient has a Critical Value.

Cataract Surgeon 


Medical Retina

Vellore, Madurai

Centre Head

Tirupur, Vilupuram

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