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Our Hospitals in Rajasthan

Experience world-class Eye Care at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital in Rajasthan. Renowned for our exceptional team of highly skilled eye Doctors, Specialists, and renowned Ophthalmologists, our Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan delivers unmatched care.

Jaipur - Dr. Agarwal Eye Hospital

21, Shubham Enclave, Near Civil Lines Railway Crossing, C Scheme, Jaipur, Rajasthan 302001.

08048198742 | 9594900173


Mon - Sat | 9AM - 6PM


What is the best Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan?

Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital is one of the renowned and best Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan, offering comprehensive eye care services.
Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan offers a wide range of eye treatments, including Laser Cataract Surgery, Refractive Surgery, LASIK/SMILE Surgery, Cornea Transplantation, Anti VGEF Agents Treatment, and other eye treatments.
Yes, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan houses a team of experienced eye specialists, including ophthalmologists and eye surgeons, who provide expert care for various eye conditions.
To book an appointment at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan, you can visit our website or contact our number provided on the website.
Yes, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan offers specialized eye care services for children, including paediatric eye examinations, vision screenings, and treatments for childhood eye conditions.
Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan usually operates from 9AM - 5PM. You can find the detailed timings on our website or call us for more information.
Yes, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospital Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan have tie-ups with all major insurance empanelment. Please reach out to our support desk or our hospital directly for more details.
Yes, after eye surgeries at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan, our team provides detailed post-operative care instructions to ensure proper healing and recovery. These instructions may vary depending on the specific procedure performed.
Yes, Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals in Rajasthan provides emergency eye care services to handle urgent eye conditions or injuries. Please contact our emergency helpline or visit our hospital immediately in case of emergencies.