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The DNB programme of Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital is conducted and managed under its unit: The Eye Research Center. The eye research center was started by Late. Dr. Jaiveer Agarwal and Late. Dr. Tahira Agarwal as a free eye care unit. It conducts free eye camps all over Tamil Nadu and neighbouring states. The team of postgraduates, optometrists and nurses are sent out to villages, towns and districts wherein the postgraduates get a wide clinical experience hands on. The care ranging from treatment to surgeries is carried out by consultants along with postgraduates.


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Eligibility Criteria

Procedure to join DNB in our institute for those who have passed MBBS

Kindly visit National Board of Examinations website and download the application form for Common Entrance Test (CET) & Post Diploma Common Entrance Test (PDCET) which is going to take place twice a year (2nd week of June and 2nd week of December – every year). After passing the Entrance examination, kindly download the application form from National Board of Examination website and apply for the Centralized counselling. Kindly select “Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital & Eye Research Centre” as your institution where you would like to undergo the DNB training. 

Then you may come down to our institute and join as per NBE guidelines

NBE website For further clarifiation contact:
Tel : +91 44 33008800 | Fax : 044-2811 5871



The DNB programme has been established more than twenty years ago; since then, the research center has successfully trained more than 150 postgraduates many of whom are now well established eye surgeons across India.


Features of DNB programme


Clinical is the first and foremost part of the training. It deals with training the candidate to see and examine the cases that present in the OPD. Initially, an induction programme takes place where candidates are taught basics such as refraction and then followed by slit lamp examinations. Each candidate is posted with consultants in the OPD where they learn complete clinical workups. Indirect ophthalmoscopy, IOP measurement, gonioscopy and handling all ophthalmic instruments are covered in the post graduation course.


Classes are conducted on a regular basis with case presentations at least once a week, didactic lectures thrice a week and Journal Club presentation every week. Attendance in all the classes, case presentations and journal presentations is absolutely compulsory. Less than 80% attendance of postgraduates and a poor academic record will lead to withholding of completion certificates. Post Graduates undergo written examination on every month following the discussion on specific topics. NBE conducts the annual appraisal for all the candidates (theory & Practical) as per NBE Guidelines.


Each candidate is given a logbook for recording interesting clinical cases they’ve seen, discussed, presented, surgeries and minor procedures that were performed. Proper maintenance of log books is a must for all candidates. Appraisal of log book and attendance is carried out every 3 months.

Surgical expertise

Surgical training is started once the candidate becomes well versed in handling clinical cases right from examinations to treatments. The candidates are then posted in the operating room on a rotation basis and during these postings each candidate is exposed to a stepwise presurgical and surgical workup and presurgical preparation.

This is then followed by stepwise surgical exposure under the supervision of expert consultant surgeons. Only when the candidate is found to be well versed in all the surgical steps are they allowed to perform independent surgeries. The surgeries are decided upon the aptitude of the candidate and the surgical hands of the candidate. At the end of the training, each candidate is well equipped with all the basic ophthalmic surgeries.


How to apply

Apply through centralized counselling conducted by National Board of Examination. Please go through the information bulletin of National board of Examination website.(

Application Procedure

Application Form

Number of seats:12 (Primary 6 + Post DO 6)