What are Intacs?

Intacs are an ophthalmic medical device which are thin plastic, semi-circular rings inserted in the mid layer of the cornea. In cases like Keratoconus where the cornea bulges and forms a cone; Intacs helps to change this irregular shape and surface of the cornea.

Intacs can be used for long term vision correction.


What is Keratoconus?

Keratoconnus is a condition of the eye in which the normally round cornea becomes thin and develops a cone-like bulge.


What is the procedure for Intacs ?

Intacs is a very less invasive procedure. The procedure takes around 20-25 minutes approximately. During the procedure numbing drops are added in the eyes to numb the eyes to prevent blinking.

A single small cut is made on the surface of the cornea. The eye is stabilized with the centering guide to ensure proper alignment of the INTACS inserts. During this time the inner layers of the cornea are gently separated by laser in a narrow circular area to allow for Intacs placement.

The INTACS are gently placed in the pocket created by the laser. After the second INTACS is placed, the small opening in the cornea is closed with a single suture. Thus the procedure is completed.

Follow up visits are advised to monitor the healing process and evaluate the benefits of the procedure. Even after a successful procedure, glasses or contact lenses may be required to provide a good vision and correct any astigmatism.

In the follow up visits artificial tear drops, steroids and antibiotics are advised to avoid infection and inflammation in the eye. The suture is removed after one month.


What are the advantages of Intacs procedure?

Intacs is a procedure which does not require removal of corneal tissue like that of corneal transplant. Intacs is a less invasive procedure than a corneal transplant. Intacs in Keratoconus helps to correct quality of vision. They do not require maintenance once they are placed. Intacs are advised to be removed if the prescription changes or removal is needed for any other reasons.

The main aim of Intacs in Keratoconus is to make the eye tolerant of wearing the contact lenses and to avoid corneal transplantation. The aim of Intacs varies with severity of problems.

One of the advantage of Intacs is the patient cannot feel that the INTACS is implanted in the eyes.


What are the precautions to be taken after Intacs surgery ?

  • Rest is advised for 1-2 days.
  • Avoid eye make-up or cosmetics around the eyes.
  • Avoid swimming, lifting heavy weights, sports for 3 -4 weeks.
  • Immediately consult your eye specialist if you experience pain, redness or any discharge from the eyes.