Can someone get eye power again after previous Lasik? Can Lasik be done again? Is it safe to repeat Lasik? Are there other options? People who are planning to get Lasik done, often ask me these questions. So, there are two kinds of situations- One where the numbers were so high that it cannot be completely removed with Lasik safely and hence the patient and Lasik surgeon collectively decide to leave some residual eye power. Second situation is where the number was completely removed but later after many years there was a recurrence of eye power.

Radha was one such patient who had an extremely high eye power and her eye power was not completely removed during her previous Lasik. She got it done almost a decade ago, when she was just 18, somewhere in North India. Now she is close to thirty and a mother of two. Her eye power had increased over the years and she needed to wear a -5D in both her eyes. She was unable to see without her glasses and hence was dependent on them. She came to me to get a repeat Lasik done. She underwent series of eye tests as part of detailed Pre Lasik evaluation. Unfortunately, her corneal thickness was not sufficient, and she was not suitable for a repeat Lasik. But all the other eye parameters were normal. After initial disappointment, she was delighted that she can still get rid of her glasses. I gave her the option of Implantable Contact lenses (ICL). These are tiny lenses which are inserted inside the eye and rests in front of the natural lens inside the eye. These are not visible to anyone and becomes part of the eye. Millions of people have undergone ICL world over with great results. The parameters of Radha’s eyes were suitable for ICL. She of course had a series of questions related to ICL which I happily addressed. Here is the brief of our discussion.


After how long will I be able to see after ICL?

After ICL surgery, vision improvement is almost instantaneous. However, initially slight haziness may be experienced which improves gradually over a period of few days


What precautions are needed after ICL and what about recovery period?

Just like Lasik, some minor precautions are needed after ICL. To prevent the risk of infection, person must be careful while bathing for a week to ten days. No eye makeup, swimming, and hot spa etc are allowed for 2 weeks. Heavy workout should be deferred for 2-3 weeks. Excessive digital strain on eyes should be prevented for a week.


Can I drive and go out after the surgery?

A person can drive and go out as soon as they feel comfortable which can be next day as well.


What are the risks and side effects after ICL?

Just like any other eye surgery, there is a risk of infection. To prevent that from happening one has to take care and follow all the post-surgery instructions. There is a small risk of high eye pressure which in most circumstances can be managed with medicines. There is also a small risk of cataract formation. This usually happens due to sizing issues or occasionally when surgery is performed by a novice surgeon. If cataract is significant, then cataract surgery needs to be performed. If it is minor and due to sizing issues, then ICL can be removed from the eye to prevent the risk of further progression of cataract.


What is I am not happy with ICL?

That is a rare situation that someone is not happy with ICL but in that rare event, ICL can be removed from the eye.


Will anyone get to know that I have a ICL lens inside my eye, will it reflect in my photographs?

No one gets to know by looking at your face or your photographs that you have a ICL inside your eye. ICL mostly does not give any reflections in photographs.

Radha had a Lasik eye surgery done when she was not very mature and didn’t ask any questions. Now, she wanted to make sure that she takes an informed decision. After getting a satisfactory reply to all her questions, Radha scheduled her ICL surgery. She underwent ICL procedure one by one in both her eyes. Today she is glass free and has to no longer save her glasses from her two munchkins!


So, ICL or IPCL can be a great addition to Lasik for a lot of people

  • People who are not suitable for any of the types of Lasik like Contoura Lasik, Femtolasik, Smile Lasik.
  • People whose eye powers are very high and cannot be completely removed with Lasik.
  • People have a recurrence of eye power after previous Lasik and Lasik cannot be repeated.