Lasik laser surgery procedure has been available for decades and has helped millions of people across the world (30 million to be precise!) gain freedom from glasses. It has changed people’s lives in many ways- allowed them a possibility of life without barriers or infringements. The first type of Lasik surgery which started was Photorefractive keratectomy (PRK) or epi-Lasik where no blade was used and then arrived – Microkeratome – a motorized blade to make a flap before the laser was fired to change the curvature of cornea.

With the evolution of Lasik- more safer, less invasive, more precise alternatives were invented. The next inline was a new type of laser called Femto Lasik which was only used for making the flap. The femto laser made flaps were more even and precise than the microkeratome flaps and the whole world gradually started moving towards Femto –Lasik. This was the first truly bladeless Lasik but still a flap was required to be made.

The problems and risks of flap remain in the long run even with the best femto Lasik. Best Lasik surgeons have struggled to think of Lasik surgery procedure which is not only bladeless but flapless. Years of research paid off and finally now we have Relex Smile Lasik surgery, undoubtedly the best Lasik laser surgery and the reason is because it is the safest Lasik procedure. And this Lasik treatment is now available in Navi Mumbai, India.

In smile Lasik surgery treatment (also called Relex Smile) using a novel technique and software, the femto Lasik machine- called Visumax from Carl Zeiss- makes a cut within cornea at two levels without a flap. So there is thin disc of cornea tissue (lenticule) created within the substance of cornea. Then by a small 3 mm incision, this disc is removed leading to the change in the curvature of cornea. Since it is a flapless procedure- there is minimal pain and extremely fast recovery after smile Lasik surgery. There is no long term risk of flap displacement. There is less chances of dry eyes and hence smile Lasik is best Lasik for sportspersons, computer professionals, those with thin cornea and dry eyes. Additionally the Relex smile Lasik procedure takes only five minutes per eye and this is the fastest Lasik procedure also.

But why only for these people – We think Smile Lasik is best Lasik treatment for anyone and everyone. Given a choice, why would anyone elect to do a Lasik surgery with blade or flap when a bladeless, flapless Lasik is available. After all it’s your eyes and they are priceless.

The only drawback is that Smile Lasik is expensive procedure. The reasons are:

  • Visumax machine itself is very expensive – costs two times the standard Lasik machine and is imported to Mumbai, India by Carl Zeiss with addition of taxes, custom duties etc.
  • Every time the smile Lasik procedure needs to be done – a special software license payment needs to be paid for each eye increasing the cost of smile Lasik surgery further.

Though the cost of Smile Lasik treatment is more but the added safety, decreased pain, faster recovery, less dry eye and long term safety of vision more than justifies the additional cost.