We are all so used to this concept that some seasons are just better than others to accomplish a few things. Summer is great to work-out and get back into shape. But really the reason for that is not the season but our own desire to look better when we wear summer clothes. There is absolutely no problem in getting in shape in winters!

Similarly, there is really no season to get the eye surgery done. Whether you are planning Lasik laser or cataract surgery, any season is best given the timing is optimal for you from the scheduling perspective.

Old Myths – Our elders often tell us that summer is not good for any eye surgery. The reason for that believe system is that they have seen the surgeries in good old days when there were no proper antibiotics or sterilization methodologies available. Hot summer then became an additional reason for people getting infections after the surgery. The current generation eye surgeries have no such issues. Surgeries are performed with strict infection control irrespective of the weather outside. After Lasik surgery, the healing is very quick. Within a day or two most people can go back to working, driving etc.


Lifestyle choices – Very often the season influences the lifestyle choices that people make. For example, swimming every day in summers is an activity that many people enjoy. After any eye surgery including Lasik, swimming or heavy work-outs are not allowed for almost 2 weeks. So, if that interferes with your plan and life fulfilment then sure it is wise to schedule your Lasik in winters.


Environmental Humidity – 15-20 years back surgeons had concerns about the environmental humidity and its effect of the Lasik outcomes. Lasik laser machines are sensitive to the environment in the Lasik surgery theatre. Earlier we didn’t have machines to control the environmental conditions and that had some effect on the outcomes in 1% cases. Now irrespective of the outside environment, Lasik surgery theatre is very well modulated for temperature and humidity levels. This ensures uniform outcomes and near negligible effect of environment on the machines.

In many countries around the world, it is warm throughout the year and of course lasik laser procedures are performed every day. There is absolutely no difference in the results that are achieved there versus anywhere else in the world!

So really is there a best time to get LASIK? The answer to that is when you feel ready. Seasons have no impact on effectiveness, and recovery is quick and easy, so there’s no reason to plan your life around a season to get the laser vision correction procedure. Take your time, learn more about the benefits and types of LASIK and make the call when it is right for you.