“I’m better! There is no one more colourful than me. What’s more, I ensure the safety of the kids too” the sparkler vehemently argued.

“What rubbish!” the bomb was his usual boisterous self, “I am the best. Who else can give you the adventurous rush of adrenaline better than me, eh?”

“You mean, dodgy adventure right? You are one treacherous fellow” alleged the rocket. “I have seen your ways… There are times when you don’t go off on time and just wait for someone to come and poke their face exactly above you when you go boom!”

“Ha ha! Look who’s talking about being fickle minded! Don’t you go off in random directions at your will? You are the most notorious of us all!”



You can imagine what an explosive fight it must have been! The casualties? It’s best we not get into that at all!

Diwali: the festival of lights, sweets and beautiful fireworks. The excitement is palpable in the atmosphere with kids running around in new clothes and people greeting their friends and relatives.

And who can forget the fireworks! Spectacular, noisy, colourful: fireworks are a unique feature of this festival. But this festival of lights does turn dark for a few unfortunate people when they fall prey to firework injuries. A 2012 study published in Delhi found that injuries due to fireworks are on the rise every year. Also, the Anar was found to be the most notorious of them all.

Eye injuries cause problems like redness, reduced vision, watering, sensitivity to light, inability to open the eye. The injury may lead to a tear in the area around the eye like tear of the eyelid or could more gravely lead to tear in the structures inside the eye with bleeding inside the eye or the contents inside the eye coming out.

Injuries due to crackers could also lead to traumatic cataract (clouding of the lens), glaucoma (raised eye pressure), retinal (the light sensitive tissue in the eye) tears, retinal oedema, retinal detachment, infection or disfigurement in the eye structure. Though some of these findings may occur immediately after injury, others could occur as a sequel subsequently.


In case of an eye injury:

  • Do not press or rub the eye.
  • The eye should be flushed with water.
  • In case of any cuts or penetrating injury do not flush the eye.
  • The eye can be shielded with a sterile pad; if not a clean plastic cup or ice cream cup can serve the purpose.
  • Do not put any ointment inside the eye.
  • Do not neglect any eye injury however trivial it may seem.
  • Visit an eye doctor as soon as possible.


Safety measures for bursting crackers:

  • Crackers should always be burnt in open space.
  • Avoid bursting them in glass containers or closed bins or in terraces attached to home.
  • Wear a pair of protective glasses or goggles.
  • The cracker should always be lit at an arm`s length.
  • Never hold your face right above the crackers.
  • Do not stand close to firecrackers after they are lit.
  • Ignite them with an incense stick (agarbatti) and not match sticks where the flame cannot be controlled.
  • Do not burst crackers in hands.
  • Do not try to relight malfunctioning crackers.
  • Prefer crackers with more of light and less of explosives.
  • Always burst crackers under parental supervision.
  • Do not direct propellers towards people or houses.
  • Store crackers in a cool dry place at home away from gas.
  • Do not wear loose hanging clothes.
  • Avoid wearing synthetic clothes.
  • Try to wear cotton clothes that would cover the entire body.
  • Always wear footwear which shield your legs completely.
  • Keep a bucket of water or sandbag ready in case of any emergency.

Let’s make certain that we don’t get caught in the line of fire this Diwali. All we need to do is follow a few safety norms to ensure a safe and happy Diwali.