It is quite common to see that people whose occupation requires them to wear contact lenses and make-up almost every day, suffer from eye irritation very frequently. However, it’s time to bid goodbye to eye discomfort.

Redness in eye, grittiness, hazy vision are typical symptoms for contact lens users who use make up frequently on their beautiful eyes. So, here’s a list of best practices while using contact lens along with makeup.


  • Wear your Contact Lenses First

It is best to insert the contact lenses in the eye first and then apply eye makeup. This is because it is highly likely that your fingertips might have some leftover particles of your make up or thin smear of lotion, which might smudge your clean contact lenses and hence makes the vision hazy and create an eye irritation.


  • Refrain From Using Mass Forming Mascara and Powder Eye Make up

Many people have this tendency to experiment with Mascara of different types or specifically use one which will give a thick eyelash effect. Meaning using mascara that forms clumps on your eyelashes. However, it is very important to understand that such mass of mascara when fully dried, fine particles of the same can get into your eyes and settle on the lenses. Likewise for powder eye makeup as well.
Alternatively, one can explore eyeliners and mascaras that do not shed fine particles after application.


  • Read Ingredient Items, Labels, Expiry Date

Like how we check the ingredients of food packets, in the same way, the contents of the eye makeup kit, foundation also have to be thoroughly verified. Expired eye make-up products should not be used. Alcohol or formaldehyde containing products or any other chemical that can give rise to eye irritation should be avoided as well. Additionally, eye make-up should not be shared with others. Please keep your eye make-up products separate. We all have unique bacteria on our skin and lid margins which are harmless for us. When we use someone else’s eye make-up, we get their bacteria which can be harmful for us.


  • Take off Lenses Then Makeup

As complimentary to point number 1, it is safe and logical to take off the contact lenses followed by the makeup.


  • Cleanliness

It is understandable that ceremonies like engagement, wedding, reception, giving presentation to your employer or pitching an idea to an investor is a big day in itself, however, keeping our hands clean and free from lotion, cream, or moisturizer before wearing contact lenses is as essential as the previous tips.


  • Wipes for Eyelids

Yes, there are wipes for cleaning your eyelids specifically. This is an easy and simple option who require applying heavy makeup at their job.

If you feel eye irritation or sense foreign body in your eyes, wash your eyes with clean water and then immediately consult an eye doctor for proper evaluation and treatment.

Removing Eye Make-up
Removing eye make-up meticulously is also important. Left over eye make-up can clog the openings of meibomian glands. This in turn can lead to Gland dysfunction which can lead to dysfunctional tear film leading to dryness in the eye. Professional or home based eye make-up removers can be used and one should not sleep with eye make-up on.