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Dr. Ashok Kumar



MBBS, MD Ophthalmology


16 years

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Dr. Ashok Kumar has done his MBBS from Govt. Medical College, Patiala in year 1997. After that he did his MD in Ophthalmology from All Indian Institute of Medical Sciences New Delhi in year 2004. After that he joined LASER Eye Clinic in 2011 and still he is working there with Dr. Agarwals.

He has also initiated several programs in surgical training and research and occupies positions such as:

  • Phaco Emulsification I have performed about 37000 Cataract

Procedures over last 14 years which includes mainly Phaco

Emulsifications and quite a few SICS ( Small Incision Cataract Surgery).

I have been  performing Phaco Emulsification for all kind of Cataracts

e.g. Total Cataract, Brown Cataract, Complicated Cataract and Posterior polar Cataract. I have Implanted all types of IOL’s available in the market like Unifocal ,Toric Unifocal , Multifocal ,Toric Multifocal , Trifocal & EDOF IOL’s.  I am  well experienced   to use all kind of pupil expanders, capsular tension ring & Cioni’s ring segments for subluxated cataract. 

  • FLACS (Femto Laser assisted Cataract Surgeries) I have performed 784

FLACS procedures over Catalys from Johnson & Johnson.

  • Zeiss cataract Suite Markerless- I am using Callisto System from Zeiss

for markerless implantation of Toric IOL’s.

  • Zeiss ARTEVO 800- I am a certified surgeon to use 3 dimensional

viewing system from Zeiss.

  • Refractive Procedures- I am well experienced refractive surgeon. I have performed more than 14000 refractive laser procedures which includes 918 Relex SMILE procedures, 9586 Blade Free Lasik procedures & 3796 procedures with SBK Moria keratome. I have done 468 ICL implantations which includes Toric ICL’s as well.
  • Keratoplasties – I have done 55 penetrating Keratoplasties and am

regularly performing DSEK, DMEK & DALK procedures.

  • Corneal Cross linking – I have done 546 Corneal Cross linking

procedures with or without Topoguided PRK..

  • Intra Corneal Ring Segment ( INTACS) – I have done quite a few number of Femto laser assisted intra corneal ring segment implantations (INTACS) with or without corneal cross linking.
  • Squint Surgeries – I have done about 409 squint surgeries which includes Concomitant and incomitant squint patients.
  • Oculoplasty – I have done 134 Ptosis surgeries including sling surgeries & LPS resections. I have done 98 Entropion surgeries & 294 Pterygium excision with auto grafting with fibrin glue. I am giving Botox Injection for essential blepharospasm.
  • Glaucoma surgeries – I am regularly doing Trabeculectomies with or without MMC and glaucoma implants (Ahmed valve and Aadi).


International Training Program

  • Regularly teaching and training various national and international candidates in Phaco emulsification and Refractive surgical procedures


Language Spoken

English, Hindi, Punjabi

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Where does Dr. Ashok Kumar practice?

Dr. Ashok Kumar is a consultant ophthalmologist who practices at Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital in .
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Dr. Ashok Kumar has qualified for MBBS, MD Ophthalmology.
Dr. Ashok Kumar specialises in . To get effective treatment for eye-related problems, visit Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals.
Dr. Ashok Kumar holds an experience of 16 years.
Dr. Ashok Kumar serves their patients from 10AM - 2PM.
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