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Cornea & Refractive Fellowship



This Cornea fellowship at Dr. Agarwal’s offers intensive training in cornea and refractive surgeries.


Dr. Arnav - Cornea and Refractive


Academic Activities

Grand Rounds, Case Presentations, Clinical Discussions,
Quarterly Assessments


Hands-on Surgical Training

  • Corneal surgeries – Penetrating keratoplasties, DALK, DSEK and PDEK
  • Refractive surgeries – Microkeratome assisted Lasik, Femtolasik and SMILE
  • Phaco & Glued IOL procedures

Duration: 2 Years
Research involved: Yes
Eligibility: MS/DO/DNB in Ophthalmology


Dates not be missed

Intake of fellows will be twice a year.

October Batch

  • Last date for submission of Applications: 3rd week of September
  • Interview Dates: 4th week of September
  • Course Commencement 1st week of October

April Batch

  • Last date for submission of Applications: 2nd week of March
  • Interview Dates: 4th week of March
  • Course Commencement 1st week of April


Mobile : +918939601352
Email :


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Dr. Bindiya Wadhwa

I am Dr. Bindiya Wadhwa. I started my Cornea and Refractive surgery fellowship on 3rd Oct 2019 at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, Chennai. It is a 2 year fellowship programme. In my 2 years of experience as a fellow, I have learnt a lot, theoretically and practically. I have gained a lot of experience in managing complicated cases which are seen on a day to day basis. The working environment, hands-on exposure, and support of all the consultants during the training programme is great. All the consultants are really encouraging and approachable. My surgical experience before joining this course was very minimal, but now I feel more confident to manage any case or complication. I am very thankful to Dr Soosan Jacob, Dr Ramya Sampath, Dr Preethi Naveen, Dr. Pallavi Dhawan for the training I received. During my course, I have done multiple wet-lab practices before I started operating which has helped in excel keratoplasty suturing and handling of the eye. I have performed a good number of keratoplasties, AMGs, pterygium excision, PRK, LASIK, FEMTOLASIK and SMILE in 2 years. In my cornea and refractive surgery fellowship of 2 years, I learnt how to manage many complicated OPD cases. My surgical skills have definitely improved thanks to all the consultants who supported and motivated me. It was always easy to approach any consultant in case of any dilemma. Even in the OT, while operating if I had a doubt, I could call them and they would guide me with the steps ahead. Overall, OPD wise and surgery wise, I would recommend this fellowship to others. My experience at Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospital has been a crucial part of my life and I will always be proud and grateful to them.