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Take Diabetes Out of your Sight

Diabetic Retinopathy is a sight-threatening complication of diabetes that affects the eyes. It is caused by damage to the blood vessels in the tissue at the back of the eye (Retina).

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World Diabetes Day November 14


Diabetes has been silently affecting 422 million - according to WHO ( in World diabetes day content ) of the world’s population, aged 20 to 79, according to the International Diabetes Federation. Along with affecting Blood Sugar levels, it also causes Kidney failure and Diabetic Retinopathy.

Yes, Diabetes can cause Blindness, if left untreated. That is why it’s essential to get your eyes tested for Diabetic Retinopathy regularly.

Join hands with Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals, as we lead the initiative to spread awareness on the effect Diabetes can have on our eyes.


The symptoms of diabetic retinopathy will start showing earlier than you think. If you're seeing any of these symptoms, book a consultation with an ophthalmologist as they might indicate the presence of Diabetic retinopathy. Book an appointment with Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals, and get your eyes checked early for Diabetic Retinopathy.

- Dark floaters
- Blurriness
- Dark spots in the vision
- Difficulty perceiving colors

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Diabetic retinopathy needs to be taken care of as it can lead to long-term impairment and even blindness. It is necessary that diabetic retinopathy is frequently tested and checked. Book your appointment for your eye check- up today!

- Check your blood sugar & cholesterol levels regularly
- If you smoke, QUIT - Get your Glycated Haemoglobin checked (HBA1C)
- Pay attention to vision changes
- Make healthy lifestyle choices

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Do not ignore eye trouble!

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Diabetic Retinopathy

Diabetic Retinopathy is a condition where diabetes can harm your eyes over time. If unchecked, can lead to vision problems.