Eye exercises have long been promoted as a natural cure for eyesight and vision problems. However, if you are unaware of them, eye exercises refer to a set of exercises that can relieve the symptoms of eye strain and even improve your ability to see.

In case you have a common eye condition such as myopia or hyperopia, eye exercises might not benefit you, but they can help comfort your eyes. You can do these exercises whether you are at work or your home.

It is well known that eating carrots is good for our eyes. They definitely are, but eye exercises can be even more beneficial for maintaining healthy eyesight. Experts would agree with that. This article will take you through some of the best eye exercises.

Types of Eye Exercises

Eye Exercises   

1. Near & Far Focusing

This eye exercise not only helps in improving the flexibility of the eyes but also improves focus. You can do the following for near & far focusing exercises:

– Sit down on the floor of your room which is at least 6m by 6m in size.

– Pick up a pencil and hold it about 6 inches from your nose.

– Look at the tip of the pencil and quickly glance at an object about 10 to 20 feet away. And after a few seconds, look again at the pencil for a few seconds.

– Try to repeat it ten times every day.


2. Figure of Eight

 The figure of eight exercises helps you to improve eyesight, strengthen the eye muscles, and even   improve flexibility. Here is how you do it.

– Fix your eyes on a point that is 10 feet away.

– Try to trace an imaginary ‘eight’ along this point.

– Repeat it for thirty seconds and change the direction afterwards.


3. Palming

It is a relaxing exercise that can help relieve eye fatigue. First, rub your palms against each other and  make them warm. Then, close your eyes and place your palm over your eyes until the afterimage goes  away.


4. Blinking

 It is well known that blinking is essential as it distributes oil across the eyes and facilitates lubrication.   However, you might not blink sufficiently if you work on computers for prolonged periods. It may cause  dryness, irritation and a burning sensation in your eyes. To prevent this:

– Take small breaks to blink.

– Close your eyes and stay like that for a few seconds.

– Make sure to repeat multiple times.


5. 20-20-20 Rule

 With the 20-20-20 eye exercise, you can prevent eye strain. Take a break every 20 minutes and glance at an object that is twenty feet away from you for approximately 20 seconds.


6. Zooming

 Zooming can be a great eye yoga exercise to relieve eye fatigue. Here is how you can do   it:

– The first step is to sit straight. Then, hold your thumb straight upwards.

– Stretch your arms and focus on the tip of the thumb.

– Bend your hands slowly and bring your thumb closer until it is about three inches away.

– Afterwards, move back to the starting point.

– Repeat it three times.


7. Refocusing

 Refocusing refers to an eye exercise that relaxes the eyes after you have spent prolonged hours in front   of the computer screen. To do this exercise, follow these steps:

– Take a break from work and focus on the farthest object across the room or a faraway building that might be visible through a window for a few seconds.

– After that, hold your thumb in front and focus on it for a few seconds.

– Repeating this exercise five times can be beneficial for the eyes.


Eye Exercises  

8. Pencil Push-Ups

 The ability of the eyes to look in a direction and get a 3-dimensional view of the surroundings is known   as binocular vision. This vision might be defective for some people. Pencil push-ups are a great way to   correct such defects. You can follow these steps:

– Place a pencil or a pen at arm’s length in front of your eyes.

– Bring the pencil closer very slowly and stop when you see a double image of the pencil.

– After that, take the pencil to its original position.

– It is beneficial to repeat this exercise several times during the day.


9. Around the World

 This eye exercise is specifically designed to strengthen the eye muscles. You can do it by following the   mentioned steps:

– Sit down comfortably.

– Look up for 3 seconds.

– Look down for about 3 seconds.

– Then, look in front for 3 seconds.

– Look to your right and left for 3 seconds each.

– Look to the top right and top left for 3 seconds each.

– Finally, rotate your eyes anticlockwise and clockwise two times each.


10. Roll Your Eyes

 Rolling of eyes is an exercise that can help relieve the strain. Here is how to do it:

– First, look to the right and left side multiple times without moving your head.

– After that, look up and then down several times.


Benefits of Performing Eye Exercises

Here are the key advantages of performing eye exercises regularly:

  • It helps strengthen and tone the weak muscles of the eye and improves blood circulation.
  • Reduction of eye strain.
  • Improved functioning of eyes to enhance focus.
  • Reduction in sensitivity of eyes to light.


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