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Dr. Neelima Shah

Consultant Ophthalmologist, Padmanabhanagar




17 years


Branch Schedules

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Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore

Appointment Basis

Neelima Shah – PNR

Language Spoken

English, Hindi, Kannada, Gujarati


  • Publications in international journals and presentations in national conferences

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Where does Dr. Neelima Shah practice?

Dr. Neelima Shah is a consultant ophthalmologist who practices at Dr Agarwal Eye Hospital in Padmanabhanagar, Bangalore.
If you have any eye-related problems, you can schedule your appointment with Dr. Neelima Shah through book an appointment or call 08048198738.
Dr. Neelima Shah has qualified for MBBS, MS, MPH.
Dr. Neelima Shah specialises in . To get effective treatment for eye-related problems, visit Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals.
Dr. Neelima Shah holds an experience of 17 years.
Dr. Neelima Shah serves their patients from Appointment Basis.
To know the consultation fee of Dr. Neelima Shah, call 08048198738.