What is Cryopexy?

Cryopexy is a treatment that uses intense cold therapy or freezing to treat certain retinal conditions


What are the retinal diseases which can be treated with cryotherapy?

Retinal tears to prevent retinal detachment, to seal leaking blood vessels ,to slow or stop the growth of abnormal blood vessels caused by diabetic retinopathy


How does cryopexy helps in treating retinal disorders?

 This treatment creates a scar around retinal tears, around the abnormal blood vessels in order to stop the progression of the abnormal growth.


What are the precautions to be taken before the procedure?

It is an outpatient procedure. There are no special preparations for this procedure. You should eat normally and take all your regular medicines before you come in for the procedure


How cryotherapy is performed?

Cryopexy is administered with local anesthesia to prevent pain. During the process, your ophthalmologist will us an indirect ophthalmoscope to view the inside of your eye through the pupil while gently pushing on the outside of the eye with the small metal probe to find the exact place for treatment. Once the appropriate treatment location is found, your doctor will activate the probe to deliver the freezing gas, which rapidly freezes the targeted tissue. As the tissue heals, it forms a scar.


Written by: Dr. Padma Preetha N – Consultant Ophthalmologist, TTK Road


What should I expect after my cryotherapy treatment?

Swelling of the eye, mild blurring of vision, irritation are the common discomfort after the procedure which usually subsides with cold compress and medications

Avoid vigorous exercise such as jogging and limit excess activity following the procedure to allow for proper healing. Healing typically takes 10 – 14 days.

Risks involved in retinal cryopexy include infection, perforation of the eye with the anesthetic needle, bleeding, double vision, and glaucoma. All of these complications however, are quite uncommon.


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