Glued IOL


What is Glued IOL?

It is a technique where the intraocular lens is placed in the normal anatomical position by using glue when the capsular support is not there to place it, thereby bringing back the optics of the eye to normal.

What are indications of Glued IOL ?

Traumatic Cataract, Aphakia, any complications during Cataract surgery, Subluxated Cataracts, Subluxated or Dislocated IOLs.


What are the advantages of Glued IOL ?

  • The IOL is placed in the normal anatomical position 
  • Stability of the IOL is good
  • This procedure brings the eye back to 90% normal


Written by: Dr. Kaladevi Sathish – Zonal Head – Clinical Services, Chennai


What will happen if I don't place a lens in my eye?

The quality of vision is not good with thick corrective glasses. You will have to wear a + 10 D glass which creates a lot of distortions. It reduces the field of vision, you will struggle with depth perception even after correction with lenses.

It should be done in a centre where there is a vitrectomy unit available. It’s best to choose a secondary or a tertiary hospital.

It will take about 20 minutes to 1 hour.

The vision improves the next day and by a week’s time it would return to normal.

Yes. You can lead a normal quality of life.


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