Apart from being a well-known and respected name in the medical community, Dr. Agarwal's Eye Hospital has also been bestowed with several national and internal awards and accolades. Needless to say, it is not just our patients and peers who consider us to be at the cutting edge of innovation and talent, but also our investors and corporate partners. Our combination of medial excellence and top financial viability therefore make us the perfect institution to collaborate with and we wish only to better our own work in years to come.

Our Journey So Far

With collective efforts, together we continue to climb greater heights.


From complicated yet successful surgical procedures, to the use of revolutionary technology and equipment, Dr. Agarwal’s is renowned for furthering trusted ophthalmology in India and abroad.

Global Footprint

From Chennai to Seychelles, and Odisha to Cambodia, our network of hospitals is both wide and trusted by patients and sponsors both. That we offer even international medical tourism services, is only an added plus.


We believe safe eyecare is every individual’s right. Every day at each of our facilities, we serves thousands of people and help them lead better lives through our trusted medical and surgical options.

Medical Results

From the Chilean Barraquer Award the phakonit technique,to the American Academy of Ophthalmology Secretariat Award for special and distinct contribution to the profession of ophthalmology, our medical efforts and prowess have been celebrated both in India, and abroad.

Here's how we'll do it

1. Identify

2. Evaluate

3. Talk & Agree

4. Partner Up