Squint / Strabismus

Squint eyes in children is quite a common disorder. However, when treated on time, squint can be corrected almost completely.

What is a squint (strabismus)?

Squint [Strabismus] is a condition in which there is a misalign­ment of the eyes. In other words, the two eyes are pointed in different directions. One eye may be looking straight ahead while the other is turned inward, outward, upward or downward. Muscles of the eye control movements of the eye. If one muscle is stronger than the other, the eye will be turned towards that direction. This is how a squint is formed. To treat this, one has to weaken the stronger muscle and strengthen the weaker muscle.

Did you know?

Quite a few cultures consider Squint as a lucky charm. In Hindu mythology, there’s a description about Goddess Lakshmi (the Goddess of Wealth) as squint-eyed. In fact, quite a few sculptures at the Hoysala temples depict details of the squint-eyed Goddess.


Squint - Beyond alignment issues

Reports say that 4% of children are affected with squint. Mild cases are managed with spectacles, however, more severe cases require surgery. Children with squint at a young age should be treated immediately to avoid a permanent decrease in vision. Usually after 5 years of age, the surgery only helps straighten the eyes but the vision lost cannot be regained. Also, a squint that’s left unattended could lead to further complications like lazy eye, blurred and double vision. Therefore it is critical to get an expert’s opinion as soon as one notices a squint.

Did you know?

A new born baby could have a squint-eye or could develop one as he/she comes off a school-going age. However, there is good chance for squint to develop in older children or even adults.


Squint treatment @ Dr. Agarwal’s

The Paediatric department at Dr. Agarwal’s has an expert team doctors that are specialized to handle paediatric ophthalmology. While they start with a prescription of external medications, eye injectables, eye yoga exercises and spectacles, extreme cases with severe squint are immediately advised a surgery and the alignment issue is rectified to look near to normal. Crossed-eye surgeries are pretty common and we can see best results when treated at a tender age.

If you are worried that your child’s having a squint problem, please write to us at [email protected] or fix an appointment to meet our experts.

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