Mrs. Rita visited Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) located at Sanpada, Navi Mumbai for flickering in her left eye for the past 1 year. Her left eye was slightly smaller than the right eye. Earlier she ignored the problem, but later the upper and the lower lid of left eye started twitching which was very annoying for her and she was in distress. She decided to visit an eye specialist. A few months back, her mother-in-law was earlier operated for Cataract in this hospital, so she knew AEHI as the best eye hospital in Navi Mumbai, hence she booked an appointment at Advanced Eye Hospital and Institute (AEHI) for herself.

As Mrs. Rita reached hospital her eyes were examined, and she was referred to Dr. Akshay Nair, Ophthalmic Plastic Surgery and Ocular Oncology. Dr. Akshay Nair checked her eyes and diagnosed her condition to be Hemifacial Spasm. Dr. Akshay Nair explained Mrs. Rita about Hemifacial spasm and how it affects the eyes. He told her that Hemifacial Spasm can be treated by few doses of Inj. Botox (Botulinum). This injection relaxes excessive muscle contractions, thus helps to stop the spasms.


What is Hemifacial Spasm?

Hemifacial Spasm is an involuntary twitching or contraction of the facial muscles on one side of the face. It is a neuromuscular disorder.


About Botox Injection

Botox injection is usually used to treat eye muscles problems, and uncontrolled eyelid twitching.

A day for her procedure was planned. On the day of her procedure, she reached AEHI and was taken in the OT; a very fine needle was used to administer the dose of Inj. Botulinum. Dr. Akshay Nair administered the injection in the facial muscles.

Mrs. Rita came for her follow-up after 3 days; she had her consultation with Dr. Akshay Nair, who examined her eyes. Mrs. Rita, she could judge the difference in her eyes before and after the procedure. She was advised to repeat the injection after 3 months.

Mrs. Rita was happy as she was free from her eye complaints.