Ptosis is an eye condition which makes the eyes droop down, hampering the vision and eye muscles. However, ptosis treatment is simple and harmless. Click to find out.

Ptosis: Droopy Eyelid Treatment & Causes

Ptosis is also known as droopy eyelid condition in layperson’s language. The reason is that in ptosis, the upper eyelid starts drooping down gradually. It starts from drooping a little, which can eventually cover the pupil completely, barring proper vision.

In certain rare instances, it gets resolved naturally; otherwise, proper medical treatment is required. Let’s dive in and learn everything you need to know about ptosis. 

Did you know?

If someone has ptosis from birth, it’s called congenital ptosis, and if it develops in the later stages of life, it’s called acquired ptosis.

Symptoms of Ptosis: Learn More

There are certain symptoms that can help you detect ptosis.

  • Blinking gets difficult due to drooping eyes.

  • Eyes start tearing up.

  • Eyes start feeling gloomy and tensed.

  • Vision can get hampered.

  • Lack of proper vision can also cause headaches and dizziness.

About a year ago, a girl named Riya came to our clinic complaining about the same symptoms as ptosis. She was 15 years old and kept crying continuously as she thought she would never be able to regain her vision. After diagnosing her condition thoroughly with our top-notch ophthalmological equipment, we were confident that she had ptosis.

Eventually, we explained to Riya about her condition. We ensured she had complete information on what ptosis eye is and how it can be cured with the help of minor surgery.

Ptosis Treatment: A Brief Overview

The only treatment for ptosis is surgery through which the muscles of the eyelids are stitched and tightened for the eyes to look normal again. We have a team of surgeons with decades of experience in performing the procedure, which includes the following steps. Let’s have a look:

The surgeon will sedate the patient under local anaesthesia, only a specific area where the surgery has to take place gets numb. Otherwise, the person is completely awake and conscious.

  • An opening is made on the upper eyelid, allowing the surgeon to uncover the muscle which raises the eyelid.

  • Once the muscle is uncovered, stitches take place on the muscle to place it back to its original place.

  • Finally, the opening is closed with final stitches, and the procedure is completed.

Once the surgery is completed successfully, it will take some days for the skin to heal completely, and the doctors will guide you throughout the process on what to do and what not to do post-surgery. Regular follow-ups take place, and eventually, the eye starts feeling normal.

Riya and her parents agreed to undergo the surgery with us, and after the completion, she could clearly see everything. However, she was still worked up due to the swelling around her eyes, but our doctors made sure she realised this was normal, and swelling is a common side effect of this surgery.

She came for a follow-up after a week, and her eyes look healthier.  In fact, she seemed even more confident and content.

Here’s a table to get an idea of when the ptosis is bearable and when it becomes a serious medical issue.


Severity of PtosisDistance (in mm)
Moderate2-3 mm
Severe4mm or more


Causes of Ptosis

Some of the ptosis causes are mentioned below:

  • When you wear harsh contact lenses.

  • Rubbing the eyes excessively

  • After undergoing an eye surgery

  • Constant swelling due to cysts or tumours.

  • Issue with muscles

  • Nerve damage

  • Trauma in the eye region

  • Botox or related injections

These were some of the major causes of ptosis, we always encourage our patients to get regular eye check-ups to avoid any such instances, and even if they occur, the treatment can begin at early stages.

Prevention of Ptosis

Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to prevent ptosis. The only way to be aware of your eye conditions is through regular eye check-ups. Visiting an eye doctor should not take place only when the condition gets out of hand, it is always recommended to get regular check-ups to be aware of your eye’s health and if any condition starts emerging, it can be treated sooner.

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