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Prof. Amar Agarwal

Amar Agarwal

Prof. Amar Agarwal is the  the Chairman of Dr. Agarwals Eye Hospitals group.  He is a pioneer in Phakonit surgeries and has rolled out quite a few innovations from the surgical tables of his hospital. Be it a glued IOL on a senior patient or an anterior segment transplantation in a four months old child, Prof. Amar is simply an artist, when it comes to complicated eye surgeries.

He is also the Chairman of the Scientific Committee,  Intraocular Implant & Refractive Society, India.

Prof. Amar Agarwal has won many awards for his revolutionary innovations in ophthalmology, the most significant being the Barraquer and the Kelman awards. When he is not restoring vision or training doctors from across the globe, Prof. Amar writes about ophthalmology. He has authored over 50 books that have been published in various languages. His patients remember every single interaction with him and feel that with a single magical word “Beta” (child in Hindi), he is able to put them at absolute ease even at the most difficult times. 

Amar Agarwal

Other Founders

Late Dr. Jaiveer Agarwal
Founded Dr. Agarwal's Group
Late Dr. Tahira Agarwal
Founded Dr. Agarwal's Group
Dr. Athiya Agarwal