Dr. Anosh Agarwal

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Anosh is a trained a Vitreoretinal surgeon before he gave in to his heart that screamed an MBA; well, he graduated from the Harvard Business School, USA. Call him a diplomat, negotiator, mentor or motivator – this man is a blend of all the qualities, that make him an ideal operations guru.

Dr. Anosh is an explorer who likes to learn, especially technology. Be it a simple wireframe or a complex program, our man simply believes in getting his hands dirty to understand how different things in the world function. And the secret formula for this – his six-meals-a-day regime!

Other Board of Directors

Prof. Amar Agarwal
Dr. Adil Agarwal
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Suresh Prabhala
Nominee Director
Mr. R. Venkatesh
Nominee Director
Mr. Sanjay Anand
Independent Director
Mr. Shiv Agarwal
Independent Director
Mr. V Balakrishnan
Independent Director
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