Retina is the innermost layer of the eye that is light sensitive. It then sends signals to our brain that helps us to see. It is said that retina consumes more oxygen than the brain itself owing to its high metabolic activities run by the extensive vascular network. Meaning several blood vessels nourish the retina. Hence, this continuous supply of blood is critical to maintain normal vision.

There are several diseases that can be related to retinal blood vessels which have a potential to impact vision negatively. One such problem is called Central serous Retinopathy (CSR) in which fluid accumulates under the retina due to leaky retinal vessels. This directly affects central vision of the individual.

Therefore, it is important to discuss with your eye doctor regarding the food, which might have serious effect on blood thinning and thereby may enhance CSR.


Outcome of Food intake on Retina

As such nutrients, minerals in the food do not cause CSR. A wholesome balanced diet with all necessary proteins, carbohydrates and minerals does not pose any ill effect on retinal blood vessels. However, if you have blood disorders or if you are under certain medications for heart disease, certain type of foods or herbs might enhance the risk of blood thinning.

  • Garlic is a popular spice of onion family used in many dishes like curry, bread, etc. Besides food, it is also available as a pill to reduce the bad (low-density) cholesterol. So, when a patient with heart disease takes a blood thinner tablet like warfarin, the garlic’s blood thinning property might upsurge the threat of blood thinning.
  • Green tea is one of the many popular beverage touted to aid in losing weight. However, if green tea is consumed along with aspirin (pain reliever); it might increase the risk of blood thinning.
  • Ginger is a commonly used root in tea, curry, shakes, cookies, etc. It is good for body if taken in small quantity. However, if consumed in larger amounts in the form of foods, extracts, supplements, ginger might also play a role in blood thinning.

Apart from food, drugs like steroids for body building purpose or any other reason, high level of stress, also have huge potential to increase CSR.

What to do?

Whenever you are experiencing blurry, cloudy or low vision, or when the shapes of the objects appear wavy or distorted, visit your nearest best eye hospital and get your eyes tested thoroughly to rule out CSR or any other undetected eye condition.