Get to know everything about dry eyes. Find out what are the causes, its symptoms and how to cure it. Read this article to know more about dry eye syndrome.

Everything You Need to Know More About Dry Eyes 

On a rainy monsoon day, Kabir, a 19-year-old boy, was working on an animation project on his laptop. He was sitting comfortably in his air-conditioned room when he felt a sudden discomfort and dryness in his eyes. However, he ignored these early symptoms of dry eyes and decided to continue the task at hand.

Dry eyes

A couple of days passed, and Kabir kept side-lining his consistent eye discomfort. Until one day, his eye irritation became unbearable. Next, he did what a typical 19-year-old does-he went online to check his symptoms. Since, he wasn’t sure of the source, he confirmed the below symptoms with a family eye doctor.

  • Dry eye

  • Poking feeling

  • Stinging sensation

  • Redness of eyes

  • Blurred vision

He found out these symptoms directly pointed towards a condition known as dry eye syndrome. Kabir, being a young boy, got scared as he had many pending commitments to fulfil, but due to the unbearable pain, he could not sit in front of his laptop screen for a long stretch of time. 


He went straight to his mother and confessed what had been happening in the past few days. When Kabir’s mother looked closely into his eyes, she saw a mucus-like liquid oozing out of the edges; this immediately pushed her to book and eye appointment with us.


When Kabir’s mother anxiously narrated kabir’s eye condition, we carried out a comprehensive eye examination process that helped us understand Kabir’s situation. In order to conduct the tests, we used our top-notch equipment and tools to understand the cause of Kabir’s eye condition. By the end, once the tests were wrapped up, we were confident that Kabir had dry eye syndrome. 


What are Dry Eyes? 


Dry eye is one the most common conditions when adequate lubrication is not provided to the eyes. In this case, tears can be unstable and inadequate. When the eyes can’t produce tears due to dryness, it causes inflammation and damages the eye surface. 


Dry eyes pic


People who stay in air-conditioned settings for prolonged periods are prone to getting dry eyes. Also, for instance, riding a bike for long hours without eye protection glasses and using computer screens for prolonged periods without proper breaks can also cause dry eye.


Know the Common Symptoms of Dry Eyes 


Below we have mentioned some of the many symptoms of dry eye:


  • Poking, burning sensation in the eyes

  • Scratchy sensation

  • Light sensitivity (especially blue screen light)

  • Redness of eyes

  • Constant discomfort

  • Inability to drive properly due to compromised vision

  • Blurred vision

  • Mucus-like liquid comes from the edges of the eye

  • Discomfort in wearing contact lenses


Once the results were out, Kabir and his mother both seemed taken aback. Being a single mother, she had always been over-protective of Kabir. But we made sure she understood that Kabir’s condition (dry eye) is completely curable with proper medication prescribed by an eye doctor, which included lubricants, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory eye drops. 


In this scenario, it is imperative to remember that Kabir’s work environment aggravated his eye condition. In order to complete his animation assignments, he has to sit in front of his laptop screen for multiple hours. Additionally, for a comfortable working environment, he preferred a fully air-conditioned room which also kept the system cool, preventing overheating.


Apart from the medical procedure, we gave Kabir and his mother an overview of certain precautions he needs to take in the future to avoid dry eyes.

 Dry Eyes: Prevention and Precaution


  • Minimize the use of an air conditioner and try to take a walk outside now and then between working hours.

  • Consciously blinking every once in a while, when you are using blue screen devices (laptop, mobile phone, etc.)

  • Remember to drink enough fluids for internal hydration.

  • Get at least 7-9 hours of sleep daily to give your eyes appropriate rest.


Life Hack– If sitting in an air-conditioned space is unavoidable, put a bowl full of water in your room. It will optimally maintain the moisture level of the room.


Once the tests were completed, there was an instant sense of relief on both Kabir and his mother’s face. As they turned around by the end of the appointment, we smilingly told the young man that while it’s commendable to be ambitious, his dreams will only align if he takes care of his health.


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