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Mr. Stephen Johnson

Vice President, Merger and Acquisition (Pan India)
Mr. Stephen Johnson

Mr. Stephen Johnson is a seasoned Ophthalmology professional with 23 years of experience. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Optometry from Bharathiyar University and an MBA from Chennai University. With an impressive 11-year stint at a leading eye care institution, he now holds the position of Vice President at Dr Agarwals Eye Hospitals, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise, driving expansion and contributing majorly through Merger and Acquisition (M&A) strategies on a Pan India scale, particularly in MH and MP. Based in Mumbai, he celebrates five years with the organization, showcasing dynamic leadership and strategic vision. Beyond his achievements, Mr. Johnson is a sports enthusiast, who enjoys cricket and swimming. His multifaceted approach blends a passion for eye care with a commitment to personal life, defining a remarkable personal and professional journey.

Mr. Stephen Johnson

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