Mr. Jagannathan V

Director - Properties

Jagannathan has over three decades of experience in the retail industry. He has worked across different brands, building operations and developing businesses. Prior to joining the group, Jagannathan was with Spencers Retail. He has also worked with Hatsun Agro (where he launched over 700 exclusive retail outlets for Arun Ice Creams), KG Denim and Jenson & Nicholson India.

Jagannathan has got excellent negotiation skills and can sleep talk the company’s growth projection numbers.

Other Management

Dr. Adil Agarwal
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Anosh Agarwal
Chief Operating Officer
Dr. Ashvin Agarwal
CB Chairman
Dr. Ashar Agarwal
Mr. Udhay Davey
Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Srikanth SK
Chief Marketing Officer
Mr. Kiran Narayan
VP - Supply Chain & Operations
Mr. Venkatesh Vaidyanathan
VP - Projects & Facilities
Ms. Suhasini K
Head of Human Resource
Mr. Yashwanth Venkat
VP - Business Finance and Analytics
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