Laser Correction / Lasik

Laser vision correction is a simple and easy procedure that can correct your eye power almost instantly. For more details, talk to our doctors.

Laser treatment as an option for eye power correction has been in vogue for over two decades now. The first laser vision correction was performed in Germany in the late 80’s and since then, there’ve been major advancements, that have improved the quality of the surgery in terms of safety and precision. While laser eye treatment is primarily used for correcting refractive errors, laser technology has been put to good use in cataract and retinal treatments as well.

Laser Vision Correction - Get rid of your glasses

Laser vision correction is by far the best option to eliminate the dependency on glasses and contact lenses. The shape of your cornea attributes to your eye power. You could have myopia (short-sight), hypermetropia (long-sight) or astigmatism (blurry vision) depending on the point, where the light from an object you see, gets focussed inside your eyes. During a laser vision correction surgery, the shape of your cornea is altered in such a way that light entering into the eye is focused at the right spot on the retina. This is a simple procedure and takes less than half an hour from start to finish. Also, you’ll be able to resume your normal life in just a few days.

Did you know?

The ideal age for a laser vision correction surgery is between 21 – 35 years. Before 21, the refractive power of our eye could still be changing and after 40 years we may develop other additional issues that affect the human lens due to aging.

Laser Vision Correction - Options

Laser vision correction has evolved rapidly over the last twenty years. LASIK is the most popular refractive error correction surgeries and can rectify a power of -1D to -9D in myopia patients and up to +4D in hypermetropia patients. In LASIK, a motorized blade is used to create a flap of the first two layers of the cornea and a computer-controlled laser is used to reshape the inner layers. Intralase is a blade-free approach where a specialized laser is used to create this flap and then reshape. ReLEx SMILE has come in as the next advancement and is bladeless and flapless with much faster recovery.

Did you know?

With ReLEx SMILE, the recovery is almost instant. However, very few eye hospitals in India have the German-made Zeiss ReLEx SMILE machines and Dr. Agarwal’s is one of them!

Laser Vision Correction @ Dr. Agarwal’s

Laser vision correction is performed as a day-care surgery and the patient can resume to normalcy in very little time. Vision correction techniques like LASIK, Intralase and SMILE are all performed everyday at Dr. Agarwal’s. There’s an expert team of doctors that undergo special training to perform the procedure in the most skillful way. Patients that want to undergo laser vision correction are counselled pre and post operation so that they can anticipate and appreciate the outcome from the procedure opted for.

If you’d like to know more about Laser Vision Correction, please write to us at [email protected] or fix an appointment to meet our experts.

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