Meet the Founders

Late Dr. J. Agarwal

Dr Jaiveer Agarwal founded DrAgarwal's Group of...

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Dr. Jaiveer Agarwal founded Dr.Agarwal's Group of Eye Hospitals with his wife Late Dr. T Agarwal in 1957, in Chennai. He introduced Refractive keratoplasty with the Cryolathe in India and was also first to start Cryoextraction in the 1960's. He was honoured with the prestigious Padma Bhushan by the Government of India in 2006. He received the award from then President, Dr.A.P.J. Abdul Kalaam.

Dr. J. Agarwal, a doyen in the field of Ophthalmology, conducted many eye camps in villages around Chennai and had treated hundreds of thousands of patients. He spearheaded the Eye Donation Campaign for the treatment of corneal blindness and the screening of school children for defective vision.

Dr. J. Agarwal was the President of the All India Ophthalmological Society in 1992. He was also the President of Tamilnadu Ophthalmic Association & Madras City Ophthalmological Association. He received Lifetime Achievement Awards from the All India Ophthalmological Society and Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association in recognition of his yeoman services to the people of Tamilnadu and Ophthalmic fraternity, not to mention the very many recognitions he received from ophthalmic foundations from across the world. Dr. J. Agarwal passed away in November 2009 after the demise of his wife.

Dr. J. Agarwal envisioned to provide the best eye care treatment to the people of Chennai. At the time of his demise in November, 2009, he had realized this dream.

Late Dr. T Agarwal

Dr Tahira Agarwal was the Managing Director of...

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Dr. Tahira Agarwal was the Managing Director of Dr.Agarwal’s Eye Hospital which she founded along with her husband Dr. Jaiveer Agarwal. She was the brain behind building a hospital in the shape of a human eye which was one of it’s kind and got listed in Ripleys Believe It Or Not.

She was the first to introduce cryosurgery in the treatment of cataracts in India in 1967 and also the first to perform Refractive Surgery using Cryolathe in 1981. She has performed over 20,000 procedures of Zyoptix/Lasik for correcting refractive errors.

Dr. T. Agarwal, played a pivotal role in training general physicians in removing the eyes after death and propagating eye donation. She established links with International Eye Bank, Sri Lanka in 1974 and paved the way for getting eyes for India from Sri Lanka. She passed away in April 2009 after a brief illness.

She was the recipient of "P.Siva Reddy Gold Medal" by the All India Ophthalmological Society for the paper on "Refractive Keratoplasty" and "Bharatiya Mahila Ratna Award" by Front for National Progress and 21st Century Development council.

While she ably supported her husband envision his dream, Dr. T. Agarwal, made sure to pass the legacy by personally training her children and grandkids in ophthalmology.

Dr. Amar Agarwal

Prof Amar Agarwal is the Chairman of the...

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Prof. Amar Agarwal is the Chairman of the Scientific Committee: Intraocular Implant & Refractive Society, India and the Chairman of Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital Ltd., Chennai. He is a pioneer in Phakonit surgeries and has rolled out quite a few innovations from the surgical tables of his hospital. Be it a glued IOL on a senior patient or an anterior segment transplantation in a four months old child, Prof. Amar is simply an artist, when it comes to complicated eye surgeries.   Prof. Amar Agarwal has won many awards for his revolutionary innovations in ophthalmology. The most significant being the BARRAQUER and the KELMAN awards. When he is not restoring vision in a patient’s eyes or training doctors from across the globe, Prof. Amar writes about ophthalmology. He has authored over 50 books that’ve been published in various languages. Dr.Amar carries great charisma and he can motivate even a dead log, with that one magical word of his - “Beta” (meaning child in Hindi).

Dr. Athiya Agarwal

Trained in Ophthalmology and Pathology in the...

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Trained in Ophthalmology and Pathology in the world famous Moorfields Eye Hospital, London, under Professor A.Garner and by Dr.Bert Glaser in USA, Dr. Athiya is one of the leading Anterior Segment surgeons and Ocular Pathologists in India. She is an active member of the All India Ophthalmological society and conducts training programmes for the post graduate students in modern surgical procedures. In addition to her flourishing practice, Dr. Athiya is in charge of the research activities Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospitals. While not at work, Dr. Athiya is a doting mom and the best friend to her grandkids.

Meet the Executives

Dr. Adil Agarwal

Dr Adil is an Eye Surgeon and has specialized in...

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Dr. Adil is an Eye Surgeon and has specialized in Vitreo-Retinal Surgery. He has performed more than 5000 cataract surgeries and over 500 retinal surgeries. After completing his M.S. in Ophthalmology (Gold medalist) and a stint in Bascom Palmer Eye Institute, Miami, Florida, he worked as a consultant in Dr. Agarwal’s Retina Foundation for 3 years. Adil decided to take on a management role in 2012 and to further augment his skill set; he decided to go to business school. He graduated from Stanford Graduate School of Business with an MBA in 2014 and joined DAHCL after that.

Since joining the group in 2014, Adil has led the strategic initiatives for the group with a focus on Mergers & Acquisition’s, JV’s, Brand & Marketing and new businesses. He is leading the expansion of the group with the goal of establishing a pan-national and global footprint for the chain. He has been actively involved in fund raising activities for the group and leads investor relations.
Adil and wife, Urmilla, live in Chennai with their daughter. He is very passionate about fitness and also, enjoys travelling, skiing and playing poker in his spare time.

Dr. Ashvin Agarwal

Dr Ashvin is an expert in corneal transplants,...

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Dr. Ashvin is an expert in corneal transplants, glued IOL surgeries and cataract complication care. He actively travels to Africa to perform high-end transplants, cataract & refractive surgeries and also contributes to the medical camps the eye care hospital chain conducts in the continent.   Ashvin is a technology lover who can easily pick up flaws in even the most popular software. But what makes him tech-savvy, is the solution he has to offer to fix the flaw. A thorough perfectionist, indeed!

Dr. Anosh Agarwal

Dr Anosh is a trained a Vitreoretinal surgeon...

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Dr. Anosh is a trained a Vitreoretinal surgeon before he gave in to his heart that screamed an MBA; well, he graduated from the Harvard Business School, USA. Call him a diplomat, negotiator, mentor or motivator - this man is a blend of all the qualities, that make him an ideal operations guru.  

Anosh is an explorer who likes to learn, especially technology. Be it a simple wireframe or a complex program, our man simply believes in getting his hands dirty to understand how different things in the world function. And the secret formula for this - his six-meals-a-day regime!  

Dr. Ashar Agarwal

Dr Ashar is a vitreoretinal surgeon and Head of...

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Dr. Ashar is a vitreoretinal surgeon and Head of Clinical services - Velachery hospital, the group's latest addition to an expanding base. He has performed more than a thousand cataract and retinal surgeries. He completed his M. S. Ophthalmology with a Gold Medal, earned an observership from Moran Eye Centre, USA and is also a Fellow of Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (F.R.C.S, Glasgow). He travels across the branches of Agarwal group to perform the most complex surgeries including vitreoretinal surgery, cataracts and Glued iol. He is very passionate about Ophthalmology; he is actively involved in academics, research and education. Dr. Ashar lives in Chennai with his family. He enjoys watching movies, spending time with his wife Kaamna and his cute daughter Aira.

Mr. Jagannathan V

Group President Jagannathan has over three...

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Group President Jagannathan has over three decades of experience in the retail industry. He has worked across different brands, building operations and developing businesses. Prior to joining the group, Jagannathan was with Spencers Retail. He has also worked with Hatsun Agro (where he launched over 700 exclusive retail outlets for Arun Ice Creams), KG Denim and Jenson & Nicholson India.  

Jagannathan has got excellent negotiation skills and can sleep talk the company’s growth projection numbers.

Mr. Udhay Davey

Group CFO Mr Udhay Davey has 25 plus years of...

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Group CFO Mr. Udhay Davey has 25 plus years of leadership experience across Health care, Petroleum, Pharma, IT, Hospitality and Consulting.

He has several years of experience both as CFO & CIO in Strategic Financial Planning, Fund Raising, Cross Border Mergers & Acquisitions, Turnarounds & Technology.

Mr. Venkatesh Vaidyanathan

Venkatesh heads Projects & Facilities for the...

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Venkatesh heads Projects & Facilities for the group. From the floor to the ceiling, you’ll find a slice of him in each and every element of our hospital. A mathematics graduate, Venkatesh comes with over 17 years of solid experience and has been the core team member of notable giants such as Sify, Dishnet DSL and Future group.

Venkatesh is the most eligible bachelor of the group and loves to go on long drives in his black beast. Rumour has it that he carries a time machine, to work for 28 hours a day!