The sun shines bright, the sky attaining a perfect blue, flowers blooming and birds chirping; brings us closer to another summer. A time to hit the beach, feel the ocean breeze, the salty hot air and indulge in refreshments. Amidst all the fun and frolic we ignore the most important part of the body- eye. We are reminded about skin care rituals during summer but tend to neglect our eyes when in reality they need special attention.

Here we bring you few easy tips to protect your eyes and enjoy your summer wilderness.

  • Invest in a good pair of Sunglasses: Sunglasses are no longer just a fashionable accessory but have become a necessity. Sunglasses with UVA and UVB protection are mandatory during summer season. This helps cut down the over-exposure of UV rays to the eyes. These rays have the ability to penetrate deep into the eye and affect the cornea (a transparent layer that covers the front portion of the eye), lens and retina (a layer at the back of the eyeball that is sensitive to light and responsible for the images that we see) and increases the risk for cataract (a medical condition in which the lens of the eye start to become opaque) and macular degeneration (a medical condition which leads to not being able to focus well and loose central vision). One can opt for polarised lenses if they are into water sport activities since these reduce the glare from the reflective surfaces.


  • Eye gear during swimming: Swimming is fun on a hot day but shouldn’t come at the cost of your eye. Many pools are treated with chlorine that can lead to eye irritation. Therefore, it is best to always wear eye goggles for swimming to avoid any harsh effect on the eye. After swimming one must wash and rinse their eyes with fresh water but make sure to keep your eyes closed at all times which doing so.


  • Best excuse to shop for a hat: A stylish broad brimmed hat can just make your day. Not only does it add to your style quotient but indeed protects the eyes. The hat deflects sunlight from all sides and gives some relief to the eyes.


  • Stay hydrated and eat healthy: Summer can snatch away all the hydration from an individual’s body. Hence it is necessary to keep yourself hydrated at all times to ensure the well-being of eyes and maintain sparkly eyes.


  • Avoid direct Air-condition air: Though we need air conditioners to keep us cool during summers; we also ought to be careful to not look in the direction of cool air as it can lead to dry eyes.


  • Be careful while applying sunscreen: While applying sunscreen and sunblock, caution should be taken to not apply to close to the eye.


  • Always keep an extra pair of glasses in handy.


  • Avoid the scorching sun: The time between 10am to 3pm is the peak time for UV radiation. Wear glasses when going out or if possible avoid being out during this period.

The tan lines from summer may fade and so can vision. Protect your eyes with these tips.